About Biosof

Biosof develops, commercializes and markets bioinformtatics solutions for the annotation, analysis and curation of genomic data. Our solutions help genomics and proteomics researchers in the biopharma industry and in academia leverage computational power to discover new drug leads, verify lab experiments and cut significant research time. Biosof currently holds distribution licenses to research-enabling technology from several institutions including Columbia University, Technische Universität München and Tel Aviv Univeristy. 

Calling all Principal Investigators

The number of new commercialized technologies coming out of academic institutions is at an all time high. With its global reach, network of clients and extensive commercialization expertise biosof helps bring the power of innovation out from the research lab into the market. Together with technology transfer agents in institutions across the US, Europe and Israel we work to commercialize proven and valuable research work and fill existing market needs. We invite life-science researchers to contact us and evaluate whether their research work fits our commercialization portfolio.